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Coping with the Loss of Driving Privileges

The privilege and freedom of being able to drive is one that many people value. If there comes a time when these privileges must be revoked either voluntarily or involuntarily, it may result in feelings such as anger, sadness, or even depression. If you or your loved one find themselves facing such a situation, there are several ways to cope.

With the loss of driving privileges, there is often feelings of denial. While it is difficult to accept, it’s a step that must be processed. Take the time to work through the denial before embracing the next step as a sort of new chapter. Like any situation, this new chapter of relying on other means such as private transportation will have its pros and cons but always try and focus on the former versus the latter after going through the denial.

Not being able to drive is a major life change. While time does begin to heal, it is important to allow the feelings to arrive and disappear as necessary. As a person processes these feelings, the sadness will become easier to manage.

The support of friends and loved ones is critical. Consider finding a group that has also had to give up driving. These people can help with coping while also making a person feel that they are not alone.

Remember that even after losing your driving privileges, iTransport is here to take you wherever you need to go.

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