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How Does Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Differ from an Ambulance?

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What’s the primary difference between an ambulance and a non-emergency medical transportation vehicle (NEMT)? At its simplest, it’s the urgency. As most people know, ambulances are intended to arrive and pick someone up as quickly as possible during an emergency when someone calls 911. NEMT, on the other hand, is not meant for emergencies, just like its name implies. Generally speaking, NEMT is booked and reserved prior to the date a person is picked up.

Do you think you might need an ambulance versus NEMT? If you feel you need the most immediate medical attention possible or if you’re experiencing something like a heart attack then yes, an ambulance is a must. However, if your purposes involve a routine doctor’s visit or going to an appointment for something like dialysis, NEMT is what you should depend on. Additionally, NEMT is meant for situations where you may need to travel long distances or if you have physical limitations that require the use of a special vehicle with the proper equipment to get you around safely.

If you do indeed need NEMT to get you around to take you to an appointment, or if you have physical limitations and need to travel long distances, the iTransport Services team is here to help you get where you need to go safely and professionally.

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