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Identifying Manual and Transport Wheelchairs

At iTransport, we often work with clients that are wheelchair bound needing transport to and from a doctor’s appointment, to do groceries, or otherwise. In some cases, passengers may require the use of a manual wheelchair or a transport wheelchair, so it’s worth understanding how these two differ.Transport wheelchairs are designed for the person to be maneuvered around by a caregiver while manual wheelchairs are designed so that the individual can move around as they wish. Manual and transport wheelchairs are easily distinguished by their wheels. Manual wheelchairs have a pair of small tires in the front and two larger ones in the back. Transport wheelchairs consist of a quartet of tires that are all the same size.Another way to tell manual and transport wheelchairs apart is the weight. The latter tends to be lighter so that a caregiver can better move the wheelchair-bound individual around. Folding them up is also easier and they are typically used indoors.Regardless of whether you use transport or manual wheelchair, iTransport Services has vehicles driven by professionals that are equipped to handle wheelchair-bound passengers. Contact us if you have any questions.

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