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Transportation and a Person’s Well-Being

A community’s well-being and health are tied closely to transportation services, especially when it comes to senior citizens. For starters, accessibility and mobility are highly important. Take for example someone who is living alone or is part of an assisted living program. Accessibility ensures these people can visit their doctor or take care of important tasks such as purchasing groceries.

Millions of elderly Americans suffer from the debilitating effects of depression. Though there are countless reasons as to the cause, one of them may be the lack of mobility or a lack of transportation. Should a person lose their license, this presents a major challenge in getting around. Think of someone who is in the hospital that cannot be visited as easily because their loved one has no way of easily getting there.

Non-emergency medical transportation provided by iTransport is so much more than just ensuring passengers can make it to and from their doctor’s appointment. Maintaining a solid social life and spending time with friends and loved ones are integral to a person’s health. We can take you virtually anywhere you may need to go so you can enjoy the same quality of life with the peace of mind of knowing you’ll arrive safely and on time.

This update is by iTransport Services, a non-emergency medical transportation Miami provider for paratransit VIP needs. Our company operates throughout Miami-Dade County, offering door-to-door transportation services. We also operate in parts of Monroe County’s Upper to Middle Keys and our fleet includes a series of minivans, vans, and sedans. For more information on transportation services in Miami FL, please call 305-662-6797.