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Traveling Long Distance

Each transportation company has its own definition of what constitutes long-distance transportation. For one company, that could mean a trip that’s at least 150 miles. Long distance transportation for medical purposes is generally available to those that are able to walk as well as individuals that utilize a wheelchair to get around. Bariatric patients can also use the services of a transportation company to visit a county nearby, for example.

There are several reasons why long distance may differ significantly from a local ride. The most obvious of these would be the travel itinerary and how long the trip would take. The duration takes into account factors such as the number of steps necessary to complete the trip or if the riders require transportation in one direction or a roundtrip. The riders needs such as whether they are able to walk or if they’re wheelchair bound are also considered.

There may be rare instances where a rider would not be eligible for long distance transportation. For those that are able to do so, long distance vehicle travel with iTransport provides a safe and professional way to get around, which you or your loved one may find to be less stressful than flying.

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