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When Should a Senior Refrain from Driving?

As senior citizens get older, it becomes ever more important for them to ensure they remain as independent as possible. However, as people age, their coordination and ability to react may diminish which means they become a danger to themselves or others when driving. This, in turn, begs the question, “When should a senior citizen stop driving?”

Per the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, drivers that are age 70 or older are at a greater risk of being involved in a fatal crash, and the risk only increases. As drivers get older, it’s important for loved ones to take into account their ability to drive to ensure that they are not risking their lives on the road.

An easy way to evaluate someone’s ability to drive is to simply take a ride alongside them and measure their performance. Are they obeying all of the signs? Are they staying in their lane or using turning signals correctly? Is the speed they’re driving consistent with posted limits? You may also wish to bring up the topic of how they feel driving.

Another thing you can do is to talk to your loved one’s healthcare professional. Are they dealing with a condition that may affect their ability to drive? The more you know, the better able you are to make an informed decision as to whether it is best to continue to allow your loved one to drive or if it’s time to consider alternative means such as non-emergency transport.

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