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Enjoying a tour should be not be limited by a disability. At iTransport, we strive to provide exceptional and professional paratransit service to anyone who is in need of charters for purposes such as a local charter right here in Miami-Dade County or a longer tour requiring leaving the state. We have a fleet of vehicles that can accommodate 15, 35, 38, or even 55 passengers. These vehicles include vans and motor coaches ready to comfortably transport your entire group.

What kind of paratransit charters can be requested through iTransport? Just about any that may be necessary. Whether it’s to attend local city events with friends and family or a concert, we can provide the transportation necessary. We will also help you if you wish to enjoy something like a city tour, if you wish to take a day trip, or again, if your needs require something more elaborate such as paratransit services for an event or gathering beyond the state of Florida.

Our fleet of vehicles are specially designed for the needs of passengers with disabilities, and riders can rest assured that each vehicle is being operated by an individual who has received and shown extensive driving training while also being mindful of the distinct needs required when working with customers in paratransit. 

We want you and your group to enjoy a safe and fun experience when you are riding on any iTransport vehicle and we remain committed to delivering a transportation experience that exceeds your expectations and takes you where you need to be safely and professionally.