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Coping with the Loss of Driving Privileges

The privilege and freedom of being able to drive is one that many people value. If there comes a time when these privileges must be revoked either voluntarily or involuntarily, it may result in feelings such as anger, sadness, or even depression. If you or your loved one find themselves facing such a situation, there are several ways to cope.

Making It to Your Physical Therapy Appointment

The benefits of physical therapy (PT) are countless. From pain reduction to improving mobility for senior citizens, there are numerous reasons why it is imperative to make it to these appointments. A lack of non-emergency medical transportation should not be a reason why a person is unable to attend their appointment.As mentioned, a major reason why PT appointments are so important is the reduction of pain. Strengthening exercises help people go about their lives and keep the quality of life in tip-top shape.

Appointments You Should Never Miss

A lack of transportation remains one of, if not the leading reason why senior citizens miss out on important doctor appointments. Though there are times when appointments may need to be missed, there are certain ones that should never be missed.

Routine checkup appointments may not seem all that important, yet they’re among the most reliable ways of detecting something before it turns into a major health issue. Whether it’s checking blood pressure, examining the lungs, or the skin, seniors may wish to make a routine checkup a top priority.

Identifying Manual and Transport Wheelchairs

At iTransport, we often work with clients that are wheelchair bound needing transport to and from a doctor’s appointment, to do groceries, or otherwise. In some cases, passengers may require the use of a manual wheelchair or a transport wheelchair, so it’s worth understanding how these two differ.Transport wheelchairs are designed for the person to be maneuvered around by a caregiver while manual wheelchairs are designed so that the individual can move around as they wish. Manual and transport wheelchairs are easily distinguished by their wheels.

Reliable Transport for Dialysis Treatment Sessions

When a person is just beginning to receive dialysis treatment, self-transportation isn’t always a viable option. It may take a couple of weeks before a person adjusts to the treatment and feels ready to drive themselves to their appointments. There are several reasons why it may be a wise decision to go with a non-emergency medical transportation service if you are receiving dialysis treatment, besides being able to make it to all of the important appointments. Let’s explore a few.

Driving and Signs of Dementia

Dementia is a common brain disease that typically leads to Alzheimer's disease. As people get older, there are greater odds of developing dementia, which may eventually affect a person’s ability to drive safely. Thankfully, there are several warning signs you can look out for that may signal the need to arrange another type of transportation for your loved one versus them risking their lives while being on the road.

Transportation May Lead to Improved Mental Health

As seniors get older, it becomes even more important to ensure they remain in good mental and physical health. Part of this means ensuring that your loved ones do not have to deal with feelings of loneliness or isolation, which may happen if they are unable to drive. As a non-emergency medical transportation provider, we take great pride in being about to transport people where they need to go to improve their mental health and outlook on life.

Transportation and a Person’s Well-Being

A community’s well-being and health are tied closely to transportation services, especially when it comes to senior citizens. For starters, accessibility and mobility are highly important. Take for example someone who is living alone or is part of an assisted living program. Accessibility ensures these people can visit their doctor or take care of important tasks such as purchasing groceries.

When Should a Senior Refrain from Driving?

As senior citizens get older, it becomes ever more important for them to ensure they remain as independent as possible. However, as people age, their coordination and ability to react may diminish which means they become a danger to themselves or others when driving. This, in turn, begs the question, “When should a senior citizen stop driving?”


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